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Enjoy videos on flows, meditations, and talks.


Idea City Toronto 

"Reach for the Sun; touch the infinite Light."


Kabalah Yoga founder Audi Gozlan tells us that we are vessels of light, infinite light, and the light of creation in this relaxing exercise break for Idea City.

Yoga Practice with Karen Gozlan 

Audi practices kabalah yoga with wife and guest, Karen Gozlan.


Both achieve grounding energy through Audi's blend of the sacred shapes of kabalah yoga, using the body to stretch and reach from the earth and to the sky. 

Kabalah Yoga in Jerusalem with Audi 

In this video, Audi practices kabalah yoga overlooking the ancient city in Jerusalem.

Through this speeded footage, one can observe a series of poses and stretches applied in Audi's unique and effective yoga practice. 

Awaken Your Soul Trailer 

dvd image.png

For Audi, kabalah yoga began when he had a sudden revelation during a yoga class: the warrior II pose was, in fact, in the sacred shape, alef (א).


This sacred shape planted the seed that combines spirituality in Audi's personal yoga practice.  

I Am by Audi Gozlan 

Audi's "I am" positions both the mind and the body in the here and in the now.  

In this video sequence, Audi translates "I am" and the body into the sacred letters of kabalah. 

Promo Video: Interview 

Audi introduces and explains his practice of kabalah yoga to a Toronto audience through his TV series and his appearance in Idea City. 

Into a Yoga Flow with Audi

In this video, Audi demonstrates, through his instruction, the attainment of a body flow practice through kabalah yoga. 

One can position the body to achieve an inner stability, harmony but also, a flow. 

Kabalah Yoga Show with Audi 

Heading 2

Creative Chakra Flow 

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