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Grow in your Body & Soul!

Now more than ever before do we need to find a sense of harmony between our body and soul and create a clearer path the brings us more light into ourselves and our wellbeing. The Kabalah Yoga Online Teacher Training will share with you the tools you need to embrace balance in your body and soul. Whether you are looking to be coming a teacher or simply desiring to discover your body and soul in a deep way, this immersion is for you.


Completing module 1 in Kabalah Yoga will fill you with the knowledge of learning to move your body into the Hebrew letters . It will also provide you with a certificate to teach as a teacher in training all flows taught during this immersion.



As we explore the Hebrew letters through yoga postures, we will be learning and inspiring ourselves to discover the wisdom of the body, breath and soul of the yoga poses and how to cultivate intention in our movement.


More then anything, this program will offer you the tools to blossom personally and to share with others so much light!

The topics we will cover are:

- Kabalah and Yoga philosophy

-Wisdom of the ancient Hebrew letters

- The yoga poses corresponding to the letter shapes we will discover

- The power of kavana, intention in your yoga sequencing

-The body, breath and soul of postures you will learn based on the shapes of the Hebrew letters

-Daily flows based on words and mantras spelled out in Hebrew letter templates

-teaching skills and effective dialogue when offering the Hebrew letters

- How to manage and create an inspiring class

- Discovering proper alignment in the poses


The program will be taught live and on Zoom
April 27-
 May 1, 2023

Tuition: $800.00US

If you register
before March 28,2023
pay only 650.00US  

Scholarships  available
To register write to

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What you will get?

Inspiration to go deeper into yourself and see the world  in a beautiful light.

Peace of mind, an open heart and healthy body.

Knowledge about the foundations of The Kabalah on the Hebrew letters and how Yoga can help us be a vessel for these teachings.

A teachers certificate in Kabalah Yoga .

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