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Kabalah Yoga is practiced by moving the body into the sacred shapes, “otiot,” using the Hebrew letters as templates to help us tap into the essence and arouse deep feelings and intentions of the heart.

Kabalah is a wisdom that encourages us to search inward, reach deeply within, and discover ourselves from inside out. It is about living now in our potential and assuming our divine role in this world by developing both our physical and spiritual selves. Everything in this world has a spark of light inside of it.

Because we have a piece of the Divine within, in the form of our soul that keeps our life flame burning, we can elevate everything in this world and help it reveal its own light. You are here on Earth because you matter and can make a difference if you allow your inner light to shine.

Tapping into the essence of life is be dependent upon our efforts in moving inward into the soul, and entering into our true inner feelings, the kavana of the heart, as the soul and body begin to dance. Kavana is a soulful experience that we all have at some point in life. In Hebrew, kavana also means “to direct” and refers to the direction of the heart as we grow more inward. It can be in the form of a prayer or spiritual experience that brings us out of our limitations or a powerful chant that lifts our spirit. Such a moment can be as simple as a peaceful walk in nature or gazing at a sunset as cool air blows on our face.


In all of these, our experiences are felt deeply. If we are not in-tune or are disconnected with our now, then seeing and enjoying the many blessings of life will be difficult. Kabalah and yoga are ways that help us appreciate life more fully and taste the sweet juice of essence that is often concealed in our life experiences.

From Audi's book Kabalah Yoga, Embodying the Hidden Power of the Sacred Hebrew Letters, Reveal Press, New Harbinger Publications.

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