If we were able to see inside       

the soul,

 what would we see?

Shalom -
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Kabalah Yoga Online Education- for cultivating intention into flow.

Kabalah Yoga is made for everyone from beginner, intermediate to advanced, practioner in Kabalah or yoga. If you are planning to become a Kabalah Yoga teacher, then these courses will help you advance in your studies and understanding in this method.

For DVD, add  shipping fee of 11$ for U.S, 13$ for Canada and 16$ U.S for Europe


Get A Signed Copy From Audi 20$ US + Shipping

17$ u.s Europe 17$ Canada 12$

"Each of us has a powerful secret deeply rooted in our name, the hidden code to unleashing treasures of your body and soul connection." -Audi Gozlan 

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